mindful tea

Mindfulness is a very popular topic this days.

It’s supposed to improve the quality of your life, reduce stress and anxiety...

But how to practice mindfulness?

Well, you can begin with a mindful tea moment:

Start with preparing your favourite tea 🍵 or any hot beverage of your liking, really.

(my favourite is London Fog tea - Earl Grey + steamed milk + vanilla & sweetener of your choice)

You can do it at home or during your break from school or work. Or maybe let a professional barista take care of preparing your tea? 😉

Then try to sit down in quiet, without any distractions (no social media allowed! 🤪) and take your time.

This experience can take 5 or even 30 minutes if you need it. You decide 😊

Have a quick check of your body: are your shoulders and neck stiff? are you sitting comfortably? how about your jaw and forehead?

Let go of the tension.

While sipping your tea focus on it’s warmth and taste.

Listen to the environment: is it noisy? are there any birds singing? can you hear any cars on the street?

Don’t worry if the sounds are loud and unpleasant. Try to remain calm and check on your breathing.

INHALE deep trough your nose and hold for a moment


EXHALE through your mouth

Drink slowly, try not to rush it.

Where are your thoughts wondering?

Are you planning the rest of your day already? Or are you able to fully focus on your tea experience for this moment?

Try to keep it up until the last sip.

If you notice anything meaningful you can jot it down. 📝

Maybe you could incorporate this little ritual into your daily schedule? 😊